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Fast Funnel is a disposable funnel and is the only product of its kind, offering substantial benefits over conventional plastic funnels.  A product offering an evolutionary approach to the age-old task of pouring a substance from one point to another.

Although the simple task of pouring through a funnel is usually taken for granted, several important requirements are missing in this common practice:

  • Convenience – finding a funnel where you need one…..when you need one.
  • Prevent contamination – once you find a funnel, chances are it’s not clean even though it may appear to be.
  • Clean – chemicals, rags or paper towels needed to clean up.

The team at S&S then engineered a product that would eliminate these commonly overlooked but important needs:  They designed a sturdy but compact funnel, packaged a select number of funnels together, and made each funnel disposable thereby eliminating cleaning, chemicals and dirty rags. The result was the birth of Fast Funnel® disposable funnels.

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