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Welcome to the official Fast Funnel UK website.  Fast Funnel is distributed in the UK by Evolution RC Ltd, a leading supplier of automotive parts, additives, lubricants.  With customer service, quality, value and honesty as our focus, our products are trusted worldwide.
About S & S
Ted and Larry Salani founded S&S Concepts Inc. in 2000 around the development of the Fast Funnel®, disposable funnel. Originally intended to provide an identity and corporate structure for the development and marketing of the Fast Funnel, S&S has now expanded its scope to include the innovation and development of any new product that meets its criteria for solving everyday consumer challenges with the simplest design approach possible. Ted and Larry

When they started S&S, both brothers were already running companies they had founded separately. Larry started Salani Design, Inc., a graphic design firm, in 1996 and Ted opened up CRAVE Development Inc., an engineering consulting company in 1999. Under their separate companies, Ted and Larry had already begun their careers as new product designers and developers. Ted developed a product to hold paint cans suspended from extension ladders for painting and other elevated work. Larry designed the Lingual-Twist® packaging system as a way to allow companies to add 75% more printable area to their packaging through the unique rotating “bottle-in-a-box” design. These products are currently patent-pending and patented, respectively.

Ted has his degree in Mechanical Engineer and his background includes work in the nuclear and aerospace industries. He is married and has two children. Larry’s degree is in Graphic Arts and he began his career working in the design and printing industry. In this capacity, he gained experience not only in the layout of product artwork, but also in the pre-press and production stages. Larry is also married and has two children.